Experience: My Confinement Lady Aunty H

Experience: My Confinement Lady Aunty H

I had a very positive experience with my confinement lady, let’s call her Aunty H.

Initially, there were doubts on whether I really needed the extra help, but I am so glad I did get it in the end.

This post is dedicated to Aunty H because I felt so lucky to have had her during my confinement period.

Aunty H came highly recommended by my father-in-law’s colleague at the hospital. She is in her early 60s and is seasoned in doing confinement overseas, which is a plus point for us. She is English educated as well which is another great plus because hubby and sister-in-law living with us do not speak Mandarin or Cantonese.

My mom and I then communicated with her through WhatsApp about her job scope, after which we decided to proceed with her service for 6 weeks. We confirmed her in February for June.

In some ways, it is fated that our paths crossed as she was available during my delivery period even though she is highly demanded.

If I were to describe Aunty H in 3 words, it would be: easy-going, friendly and resourceful.


Aunty H arrived on my due date. As this was my first pregnancy, Baby E was nowhere near engaged at 40 weeks, so I had an induction booked in at 40+5 weeks.

In addition, we were supposed to move into our new house a month before my due date, but as luck has it the handover date was delayed and we only managed to move in one day before Baby E was born.

The sequence was:

Day 1: Arrival of my parents and Aunty H
Day 4: Move house
Day 5: Induction at the hospital
Day 6: Baby E was born!

Can you imagine having to move house and have a baby at the same time?

Thankfully my parents came to help as well. Hubby and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to manage without their help.

As Baby E was not out yet, Aunty H cooked for 6 people (hubby, my parents, SIL, herself and I) in addition to helping us pack and move.

The new house needed cleaning as well. Aunty H would willingly help to clean the place with my parents, including mopping, wiping and sweeping. She is also very strong for her size. She wouldn’t allow me to move heavy stuff after moving in and instead helped me with it.

Cooking for our family members and helping out with the new house was not in her job scope, but she did it anyway without complaint.

Even when my parents left, she would still cook lunch and dinner for hubby and SIL. She would make many things from scratch, eg homemade meat ball, sweet and sour pork, lemongrass chicken etc. Even her porridge was tasty!

All of us enjoyed her cooking very, very much.

Aunty H: +1!


Aunty H has a very warm personality. Since the first day she arrived, she got along well with everyone. There were no awkward moments at all.

Now that’s a feat considering hubby, myself, my mom, my dad and my SIL were all living under the same roof and were at ease with her.

She also had no problems communicating with my friends who came to visit – all of them were very impressed with her cooking skills in general.

Most importantly, she likes playing with Baby E. After morning feeds, she would bring him out to play or talk to him in the living room. This is the case throughout the day as well when he is not sleeping or feeding.

After dinner, hubby and I would watch TV while she plays with Baby E in the room. This gave me a chance to relax and take a break from Baby E, hence I was not exhausted mentally.

Aunty H: +2!


I was very impressed with the fact that Aunty H was able to use existing resources to make do with things we do not have in the house.

For example, we did not have an outdoor clothes dryer nor raffia strings at the time, but she managed to make one between two poles using some extra hospital gowns that we were going to bin away.

Like what…?!

Another case in point was when she used the leftover chicken meat (double boiled to obtain chicken essence for my confinement consumption) to make chicken floss.

Homemade chicken floss..?!

Aunty H: +3!


The day Aunty H left, I felt a tug in my heart.

She has played such a big part in the first 6 weeks of Baby E’s life. She made life so much easier during this confinement period, not only for me but my husband and SIL too.

The amazing thing was after she left, I was able to cope with Baby E because I was so well rested. I was ready to look after Baby E by myself when hubby is at work and did not dread being alone with him.

I would highly recommend her service. However, I have not included her full name or contact as she is picky about who she does confinement for. After all, she is her own boss and would mostly work for people who are recommended to her or her previous clients. You can PM me first if interested.

Thank you so much Aunty H! I am so glad we had the opportunity to meet. You may not realize it but I have learned so much from you! πŸ™‚

Is this your first, second or third confinement? I’ve done a comparison between my first and second confinement to help you decide if you need it after the first time, click here to have a read!

Baby E and I with our confinement lady Aunty H Baby E and I with our confinement lady Aunty H

Till next time! xoxo

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