Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming a Mother

Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming a Mother

They say you will never understand how it feels like to a mother until you become one.

This can’t be truer.

I had my firstborn about 2 months ago. And these are some of the things that I have discovered since being a mother:

The world revolves around your baby

Eat, play, sleep, repeat.

Doing this every 2 hours (or however often your baby feeds) means that you will have hardly any free time.

By the way, you somehow also have to fit brushing your teeth, preparing meals, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning the house in between.

Oh, and also taking care of yourself.

You will feel like you should be doing more, but in the end all, you want to do is just sit down and rest.

Or play with your phone.

Then begins the endless dilemma on whether you should just take a break when he is sleeping, or be more productive.

And some people dare ask, “So what do you do at home all the time?”


You love every little thing about your baby

As a mom, your baby is perfect. You learn to oversee things that you may not like usually.

Every imperfection is perfect to you, even his poo:

Stubby legs? Awww look at those adorable folds. Cute!

Hair loss? Not to worry, it will grow back. Cute!

Huge double chin? Make that triple chin. Cute!

Poo explosion? It’s actually amazing how much he is able to poo at one go. *continues staring at the pile of mess he just made, snaps photo*

Projectile poo? He can do that?! Too cute!

Babies are more resilient than you think

We tend to treat babies as being super vulnerable.

In some aspects, they are.

Their hands are so tiny that you can sprain them if you are not careful when changing their clothes.

They can’t make their own food if they were hungry.

They can’t move to a more comfortable position if placed wrongly in the cot/bouncer/anywhere.

So many things could go wrong, but it didn’t.

That’s because they have the most powerful weapon of all: being cute.

And oh that smile! That toothless grin that makes your heart melt.

That is enough to make mummy and daddy (and grandma and grandpa and aunties and uncles and mummy’s friends etc) go gaga over him, and protect him from any harm.

Miraculously, my baby survived 2 whole months being cared for by an untrained first-time mum who has never really held or taken care of a baby previously.

In fact, my baby is stronger than hubby and I.

He sometimes only needs 2 thin cotton layer of clothing in winter while we are wrapped up in Uniqlo Down jackets and woolies, and still feel hot to the touch.

He is able to sleep in his cot by himself like a big boy, while mummy sleeps with daddy on the bed.

You will appreciate your partner more than ever

Taking care of a baby is a full-time job. It will be one of the most difficult periods in your life.

Solo parenting is no joke, and I experience that when hubby is at work.

Sometimes, after carrying him for what feels like hours to get him to sleep, you just want to get some rest yourself.

Only for him to wake up 15 minutes after his nap.

That’s when your partner comes into play.

Daddy to the rescue!

He picks up the slack when you need that rest.

He helps settle the baby, put him to sleep, change his nappy, carry baby when he is fussing etc.

Small little things that he does, and does willingly reminds you of how you made the right decision in marrying him in the first place.

You start to see him in a different light. Not just the love of your life, but being a dad as well.

After all, parenting is meant to be done together by two people.


Having a baby is indeed a humbling and memorable experience.

I wake up everyday feeling blessed to have birthed my baby boy who is healthy and happy.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience being a mother, you will learn that on the way.

Just enjoy the time spent with your baby as they grow up too fast!

Till next time! xoxo

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