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The Story of A Dark Red Orchid – Project Love Day 31/365

The Story of A Dark Red Orchid – Project Love Day 31/365

So I wanted to share something which happened a few days ago:

I have been mindfully practicing The Law of Attraction since the New Year.

What is it?

In the New Thought philosophy, the law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.

The book “The Secret” was all the craze when it was launched many years ago – I missed out on that craze and remembered dismissing it.

The idea behind it is:

Thought becomes things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand. What you feel is what you will attract.

Nonsense!! Or so I thought 😂

By fate I was touched by it. I was in a bookshop and the sequel to The Secret, called The Power was on sale. As someone who is usually open and love a bargain, I bought it.

Subsequently, I reconnected with a dead friend whom I have not seen in ages. Coincidentally, he was a believer too and passed me the movie!

In the short movie someone said, “Think about something unusual. If it happens then you know it’s working.”

“It could be as simple as thinking about a long lost friend you want to speak to – that person will appear in your life”

For me, I chose to see a dark red orchid.

Now, this was before I even knew that such a thing existed. I just imagined the colour because I like it!

This is what normally comes to mind when one mentions the flower.

I’ve seen white or purple orchids, but never dark red ones.

nd guess what I saw in less than a month?

Hahaha!!! A dark red orchid!!!! A fake one nonetheless but it blew my mind!

Now, I am at a point of my life where I am pretty happy and contented.

I have a loving family, loving husband, a pretty cooperative baby, a nice house to live in, financially stable…

I used to think “Don’t expect too much, hence you won’t be disappointed”.

But then realised that this is a very limiting way of thinking.

My life is good, but I know that it will be 100% better after this!

Till next time! xoxo

Project Love 14/354

Project Love 14/354

Oops I skipped two days there lol!

I am grateful to spend the Sunday with my grandmother today. She is 85 years old and still going strong!

We took a picture where there was Edric, myself, my dad and my grandmother – a total of 4 generations! Isn’t that amazing?

At dinner today I noticed a particular young waiter was playing with Edric by smiling at him and making funny faces.

This made me realise that my lil boy is actually a friendly soul and can make almost anyone smile at him!

I get to reap the benefits while looking after him as well as people are usually more kind, friendly and happy when they see him lol!

Just saw a training video which is so inspiring!

The gist of it was saying that to be successful, it’s not just about your goals, but understanding and be honest with yourself.

We often blame others (person, circumstances) or give excuses when we are not successful, but it is ultimately we ourselves who are responsible for our own success.

Project Love 11/365

Project Love 11/365

Today, I woke up to my son waking up. He usually stirs and moans a bit before opening his eyes.

And then I sing his morning song, which goes like this:

Good morning, good morning,

How are you?

Good morning, my little one,

How do you do?

I can’t wait for the day to begin

When I see your cheeky grin

You look so cute with your eyes and hair

Do you know how much I care?

And he always smiles when he hears this. It warms me inside out.

Project Love 10/365

Project Love 10/365

Today started out great!

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to go to the gym and completed not one, but TWO classes. My two most favourite group fitness classes as well – BodyCombat and BodyPump.

The last time I was able to do two classes back to back was probably 3 years ago. #personalwin #littlemilestone

I am just grateful that I am able to walk freely, to be healthy enough to exercise, to enjoy working out. To feel comfortable in my own skin. I know not everyone feels that way.

I came back to my son who was looking for me. My heart was filled with love when I saw him then! Ahhh, I’m one lucky mama 😍

Had another two social appointments which was a joy! They both reinforced my view of #thelawofattraction.

If you think positive thoughts, you get positive outcomes. If you do good, you receive good. Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative.

My son received his Christmas present today, three pretty jumpsuits and bibs.

I sometimes feel like Edric gets so much love, and I am so happy that he attracts so much generosity and goodness in the people around him. He emits it too I know.

That makes me love him even more each day. And I know that if he grows up with love, he will be a fine young gentleman 😉

Project Love 9/365

Project Love 9/365

I am grateful for being able to wake up late today! I set my alarm for 7.30am, totally did NOT hear it and woke up at 11am.

Not sure if I can get back to working life as have been spoilt with the luxury of time just for Edric and myself.

I am grateful that my family employed a helper at home, and she helped mind Edric today while I get a break to do my own things.

I met up with two groups of friends yesterday.

One my childhood friend who will be joining us in Adelaide very soon. Yay I will have another friend in this undiscovered city I am now proud to call home.

The second group are my hubby’s friends who were all really happy to see Edric. They kept commenting how well behaved he was! This is true and I always feel blessed for that 🙂

Project Love 8/365

Project Love 8/365

OMG I have an amazing story to share:

So I’m meeting a couple friend for lunch at a particular restaurant at shopping mall today.

I have lots to carry (baby, baby seat, baby bag, handbag and a big bag of clothes for donation. I’m crazy like that lol!) so I needed to park at this particular area which is closest to both the restaurant and donation place.

I would round and round and can usually get one – but in this case I NEEDED it to be in one particular small area. I’m not the person who usually wait for parking, but decided to.

Stopped somewhere close to (but not) the area I needed to park for 7 mins – nothing. But I wasn’t worried, I had time, I believed.

Then for some unknown reason, I decided to start rounding that area and GUESS WHAT, a guy was leaving and the spot was the closest to the entrance!

One may think it’s a coincidence, but to me it’s a #parkingwin with #thelawofattraction 🤗

Ok time for lunch!

Project Love 7/365

Project Love 7/365

I am grateful to be given another day!

Woke up at 7.45am today which is really early by my standard. Felt so much more productive and got some stuff done!

Then Edric decided to wake up early too and wanted to feed.

I think direct latching to feed your baby must be one of the most satisfying feeling one can get. So grateful that I have the opportunity to do this all day everyday!

They just look so adorable sucking away. It’s amazing how feeding comes so naturally to babies.

My boy likes drinking with his hands on his face and eyes closed which is super cute to look at! Proud mom here hehe.

And because I was an early bird today I managed to catch up with some people before Edric woke up.

Never really considered myself a social person but have recently discovered how important it is to have social connections as it makes you happier!

Project Love 6/365

Project Love 6/365

I am so pumped up because I managed to go for BodyCombat this morning! Working out never felt so good!

I just had to close one eye and left baby with my parents and helper.

This mama’s gotta keep fit yo.

I love going for classes at the gym because:

1) You work harder (absorbing energy from other people in the class)

2) You work longer (for the entire class duration, usually 1 hour)

3) Time flies

I woke up to birds chirping again, love this! Sometimes I’d imagine the birds happily chatting amongst themselves.

Edric is a champ today! Smiling and laughing when I met a couple friend for lunch. We chatted and before I realised, 3 hours had passed. It’s always good to catch up with friends!

Rushed to my in laws place – was late but they were still happy to see Edric. He was still smiley (with some small unhappy bouts) and this made them happy. Which made me happy!

Project Love 5/365

Project Love 5/365

So I slept a lil earlier yesterday, at 1am! And managed to wake up at 7.45am today yay!

I loved waking up to birds chirping outside my window. Kinda surprised how this is still possible in a city = win!

I remember the feeling of openness, airiness and spaciousness at a friend’s condo yesterday as it is located on a hill. My future house will give me this.

Dad just gave me a sweet concoction of pineapple-apple-pear juice.. yumz!

So today I am headed out to get a second opinion on my glaucoma condition. The doctor I had seen said that I needed to start treatment so that my eyesight does not deteriorate further. Just so so so grateful that I found out early.

Till tomorrow! xx

Project Love 4/365

Project Love 4/365

Wow I couldn’t sleep last night! Tossed and turned and finally closed my eye at about 4am. Was it the tea I had at dinner?

I know sleep don’t come easy for some people. So I am thankful that I can usually fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

I am thankful that Edric is still asleep, and so I can sneak out for a gym session early this morning.

So lucky that I am fit and healthy enough to able to enjoy working out. I can still remember feeling so sick in my first trimester, that made me treasure normal health. Anything that does not involve nausea 24/7 = happy!

I am grateful that we live nearby 2 gyms just 10-15 mins away. And even at the peak hour this morning, my route does not have any traffic!! (The opposite route is jammed).

Ah the little wins in life 🙂