Project Love 8/365

Project Love 8/365

OMG I have an amazing story to share:

So I’m meeting a couple friend for lunch at a particular restaurant at shopping mall today.

I have lots to carry (baby, baby seat, baby bag, handbag and a big bag of clothes for donation. I’m crazy like that lol!) so I needed to park at this particular area which is closest to both the restaurant and donation place.

I would round and round and can usually get one – but in this case I NEEDED it to be in one particular small area. I’m not the person who usually wait for parking, but decided to.

Stopped somewhere close to (but not) the area I needed to park for 7 mins – nothing. But I wasn’t worried, I had time, I believed.

Then for some unknown reason, I decided to start rounding that area and GUESS WHAT, a guy was leaving and the spot was the closest to the entrance!

One may think it’s a coincidence, but to me it’s a #parkingwin with #thelawofattraction 🤗

Ok time for lunch!

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