Project Love 6/365

Project Love 6/365

I am so pumped up because I managed to go for BodyCombat this morning! Working out never felt so good!

I just had to close one eye and left baby with my parents and helper.

This mama’s gotta keep fit yo.

I love going for classes at the gym because:

1) You work harder (absorbing energy from other people in the class)

2) You work longer (for the entire class duration, usually 1 hour)

3) Time flies

I woke up to birds chirping again, love this! Sometimes I’d imagine the birds happily chatting amongst themselves.

Edric is a champ today! Smiling and laughing when I met a couple friend for lunch. We chatted and before I realised, 3 hours had passed. It’s always good to catch up with friends!

Rushed to my in laws place – was late but they were still happy to see Edric. He was still smiley (with some small unhappy bouts) and this made them happy. Which made me happy!

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