Project Love 4/365

Project Love 4/365

Wow I couldn’t sleep last night! Tossed and turned and finally closed my eye at about 4am. Was it the tea I had at dinner?

I know sleep don’t come easy for some people. So I am thankful that I can usually fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

I am thankful that Edric is still asleep, and so I can sneak out for a gym session early this morning.

So lucky that I am fit and healthy enough to able to enjoy working out. I can still remember feeling so sick in my first trimester, that made me treasure normal health. Anything that does not involve nausea 24/7 = happy!

I am grateful that we live nearby 2 gyms just 10-15 mins away. And even at the peak hour this morning, my route does not have any traffic!! (The opposite route is jammed).

Ah the little wins in life 🙂

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