Project Love 14/354

Project Love 14/354

Oops I skipped two days there lol!

I am grateful to spend the Sunday with my grandmother today. She is 85 years old and still going strong!

We took a picture where there was Edric, myself, my dad and my grandmother – a total of 4 generations! Isn’t that amazing?

At dinner today I noticed a particular young waiter was playing with Edric by smiling at him and making funny faces.

This made me realise that my lil boy is actually a friendly soul and can make almost anyone smile at him!

I get to reap the benefits while looking after him as well as people are usually more kind, friendly and happy when they see him lol!

Just saw a training video which is so inspiring!

The gist of it was saying that to be successful, it’s not just about your goals, but understanding and be honest with yourself.

We often blame others (person, circumstances) or give excuses when we are not successful, but it is ultimately we ourselves who are responsible for our own success.

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