My Birth Plan

My Birth Plan

Towards the 30th week of my pregnancy, I started researching about Hypnobirthing and was immediately drawn by the philosophy and reasoning of having a drug-free, natural birth. You can read more about my thoughts and experience here.

Given that there there are various standard practices in different hospitals and countries, Hypnobirthing mothers are encouraged to have a birth plan. In fact, most Hypnobirthing moms would definitely want to have a birth plan to ensure that they achieve their ideal birth.

A birth plan is a document where the parent-to-be communicate to their midwife or obstetrician their preferences during labor and delivery. It includes information such as comfort measures during labor and pain relief preferences.

Questions that I had myself was “What to include in a birth plan?”, “How long or short should it be?” and more importantly, “What are my birth preferences”?

These were a few things I was conscious of when drafting mine:

  • It has to be short and sweet, 1 page at best (like an investment banking CV).

I find the Hypnobirthing sample birth plans a bit too wordy and long winded. If I don’t want to finish reading them, what more busy nurses, midwifes and doctors? Hence the document was written in point forms rather than in sentences.

  • Information is divided into sections.

To make things even easier to read, I compartmentalize my preferences into birthing environment, birthing preferences, pain relief methods during labor, preferences after birth etc. Then I outlined them in boxes. I’m anal like that.

  • I wanted mine to be unique.

Probably just like all moms-to-be out there, I didn’t want my birth plan to be boring. So I created a flowery border to spice things up. Does it matter? To be honest, it probably doesn’t matter to anyone else but myself.

And lastly,

  • I called mine Birth Preference instead of Birth Plan.

Every delivery and labor is different, and sometimes things just don’t go according to plan no matter how badly you want it. I was aware of that and knew the importance of being flexible. Ultimately, the most important outcome is for both mom and baby to be safe and healthy. The difference is very subtle but ‘preference’ just seems more appropriate in my circumstance.

So here you go, my birth plan example is per below. I am very happy with the end result as it had all my preferences yet is concise. Oh and it is also pretty and did not take up too much of my time 🙂

Birth Plan Sample
Birth Plan Sample

Let me know if you want a copy of the Word document – am more than happy to share! But remember, birth plans are very personal and there is no right or wrong way of writing one.

Till next time! xoxo

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